I have been seeing an attachment to every email called Text.htm on several apple devices. they are all 1k in size, and when i click on them i get the message waiting to download. Others are also complaining that they are not getting all their attachments.

Here is what I have and what I have done:

DS 1.2 (579) File Patch one
GW 8.03

I have increaded the threads as stated in the TID from 4 to 8. No luck.
I have manually vacuumed and re-indexed the DB. Removed the most affected users and readded them.

At this point I am out of options. All mail has this attachment and attachments are not coming down ( we limit them to 3Mb and the attachments are well under that limit)

I also am noticing several folders under attachments on the server ( 70 of them??)

What am I missing?