We had a Windows setup go bad after a TAPI client got installed.
Everything works now except for the BM 3.8 V9 VPN client. Other PCs can
connect just fine so its defintely this PC.

Here are some of things we see different.

All of the other PCs under VPN stats on the client show as Nate-ike.
This PC shows IKE. However looking under NRM the VPN server shows
Nated-ike. So is this the root of the issue? How do we get the client to
do nated-ike?

This PC connects in just fine via the VPN but no IP encrypted or
unencrypted traffic shows under stats. But it does get the same
Policies. Cannot ping anything over the VPN.

We have tried uninstalling the client and reintalling a few times now.
The Host file was messed up so that is back to normal.

Any other places to check?

Thanks for the hand.