Our client has a requirement to allow them to have connections from both
DSL / Cable and from dial-up through a modem. Tests using the high-speed
connections have been good, but not with the dial-up. The specific error
seen when trying to connect is "NMAS error FFFFF990". This error code
does not generate any responses on the Novell Support site.

When the ISP for the client was contacted, they said they they recently
changed the MTU size on their routers from 1490 to 1454. The technical
rep at the ISP said that this has affected a lot of other VPN users. Is
it possible to change the MTU settings on the VPN client to allow for

The client is BM 3.8, Novell Client 4.83 SP2 running on Windows XP SP2.
The server is Novell 6.5 SP3, BM 3.8.