Good day, I am back to my least favorite activity trying to make a simple Policy work for DLU in a Windows 7 environment.

I have ZCM11 Sp1a on the back end side, running on SLES11 server, no patching has been done on the server

Windows 7 SP1 for the Desktop OS, running the ZCM11 agent from the above mentioned server.

I believe that DNS is not an issue, I updated my host file on the local workstation, and I can resolve properly to the DNS name of the server. On another machine I am able to directly ping the DNS name, while on the Windows 7 machine I had to use the host file. Both are resolving.

The error I am receiving when I log into the desktop is the following

Unable to log into the ZENworks realm because the system has disconnected from the network and the specified credentials did not match with the credentials cached on the system

-You must specify the credentials used to previously log into the ZENworks realm from this system

-If your credentials have not changed since the last login, you must reconnect the system to the network to be able to log into the ZENworks realm

Note Repeated unsuccessful attempts might clear the cache and prevent you from logging into the ZENworks realm.

Is this just simply a case of not having a correct update, or might there be something else that I missed?

Thanks for any assistance offered.