Number of users are not getting their bundle icons when they log in and are presented with the Zenworks Agent Service isnt running message. I have an SR open for this ( 10741969991 )... but the more the merrier. Love to get this solved.. FYI there is currently no AV software in place, so rule that out.

After enabling debug logging etc.. I noticed the last thing in the log after this mornings crash was:

[DEBUG] [01/12/2012 09:50:36.890] [1792] [ZenworksWindowsService] [15] [] [RefreshMgr] [] [(Thread=15; SessionId=999; RefreshType=GeneralRefresh) Calling Refresh Handler: QuickTaskRefresh] [] []

Doing an exception search, I see this a little earlier:
[DEBUG] [01/12/2012 09:50:36.515] [1792] [ZenworksWindowsService] [11] [] [RegistrationManager] [] [ZenException during RegisterDevice after IP address change. Service Error. code: -1, message: Invalid device port: 0] [] []

I enabled Dr Watson logs and nothing to logged/dumped. I now also have a DebugDiag running on the zenworkswindowsservice.exe, hopefully to catch something.

Just wondering if theres any ideas out there regarding the log messages.. can probably post the whole log somewhere, if needed.