So, a few days ago I found out that my ssl certs had expired. Recently, I had downed my last Netware server, so pkidiag was not an option. But I also found out that the last server was also the CA. So, I went through the process of recreating the CA on our OES2 server, and then regenerated all the ssl certs and all were valid.

iPrint mgmt services were still throwing an error. I then found some more information about exporting these certs and copying them to a few directories, blah, blah, then restart this service and that should do it.

It didn't.

I followed everything here:
HTTP 401 or 500 Errors managing Linux iPrint objects

No joy. I can plainly see that Apache cannot contact the ldap server. I have verified that ldap is working on it (used a tool that allowed me to browse the entire tree). Here is the Apache error log:

[warn] [client] [23088] authnz_ldapdn authenticate: user admin authentication failed; URI /PsmStatus [LDAPDN: ldap_simple_bind_s() failed] [Can't contact LDAP server]

I have a feeling that this has something to do with the new CA, but I haven't found anything that would point me in the right direction.