Hi folks,

i am a ZENworks newbie, so i read the ZEN documentation about Bundles..

I have several Problems with installing Firefox on our Clients in our company using a .exe and Install File(s) - Bundle

I tried to create a Install File(s) - Bundle and uploaded the setup.exe to the ZENworks Server. I Typed in the Destination Directory, finished creating the Bundle and Assigned it to a Device.

I set up a Distribution Schedule

Schedule Type:
On Device Refresh

Wake on LAN:

Install after Distribution:

Launch after Installation:

and a Launch Schedule,

Schedule Type:
On Device Refresh

both running when the target Device is refreshed.

But everything the Bundle does is to copy the .exe File into th destination directory, and thats all.

What am I doing wrong? How can I install firefox onto our devices?

Please help me with a step-by-step instruction.. I read the documentation and some Forum posts.. but still i am helpless.
Thanks in advance :)