A few VPN client users were always getting dropped after 10 minutes or so.
I tested with one of them this afternoon, and testing confirms two things:

1. NwAdmin, <bm_server>, BorderManager Setup, Transport. Changing the last
item on this screen, "Idle Client Persistent Connection Timeout" changes
when they get dropped.

2. Having the remote user take down their local firewall, which is Norton
Internet Security 2005, also allows the connection not to drop.

From this I conclude that their local firewall is blocking the keep-alive
packets - let me know if I'm wrong about that.

When they check their firewall settings, vpnlogin.exe and also the stat
program are set to full permission, allow everything, so I don't know what
else to tell them to change on their side. Remote user does not have C32
installed but another remote user with the same problem does, so that seems
not to be an issue. VPN client version also seems not to be an issue.

For the time being, I have changed the above setting, which was set to 10
minutes, to 60 minutes, which ought to take care of most "it dropped me
while I was doing my local email" kind of problems.

The problem happened with both pcAnywhere and UltraVNC, but the VPN does not
go down. All that needs doing is reconnecting via pcA or UVNC.

All comments and suggestions about this one welcomed.