I know this is "Why would anyone want to do this" question but we are having conflicting issues in one of our labs between NetSupport and Zenworks when trying to run Adobe Flash. NetSupport is a tool that quite a few of our lab teachers use, it gives them the ability to see all of there students screens, take control of them, and a few other features, all from a console that runs on the teacher machine.

The problem comes in when running Flash if the student tries to create a text box and scroll inside of it then the computer crashes. We contacted NetSupport for help with this and they had us run a reporting tool that looked at the hardware setup and driver information. Then they setup a test machine and tried to replicate the problem and they were not able to. However they tech did note that in the scan of the machine there could be a conflicting issue between NetSupports Mirror Driver and DemoForge TightVNC Mirror Driver. I assumed the latter was part of Zenworks remote management. So we stopped the remote management service on a machine and tried to replicate the problem. We did not encounter the problem so we turned the remote management service back on and sure enough as soon as we tried to replicate the problem again the machine crashed.

Now when we tried to disable the remote management service in the services menu but it will not stay disable as soon as the machine restarts the remote management service is running and its set to automatic again.

Is there anyway to disable (preferable) or remove just the remote management piece with out removing the rest of the client from the machines?