When creating a new policy (bookmark policy, for example), associating it with a user container, and checking the option to enforce now, we are finding it doesn't apply the policy to the logged in workstations until either a manual refresh of the workstation is done, or it is logged off and back on. Is this working as expected? From looking in the ZCC at the Configuration, Device Refresh and Removal Schedule (all settings are the default), it looks like it should do a timed refresh, random time to wait, between 300 and 360 seconds. However, we do see the options for a Full Refresh and a Partial Refresh, both of which specifically indicate that they will refresh the policies. So what does the Random Time to Wait option actually refresh? We are hesitant to mess with the full/partial refresh settings, for fear of creating too much network traffic.

Any clarification or insight into how your setup is working is appreciated!