We have zenworks 11.1 and have a major problem with random restarts on windows 7. It happens on all computers, x64, x86, win7 Enterprise, win7 pro and on the different models, Dell, HP. It doesn't seems to be a pattern regarding model or platform. The file that always are involved are, wmiprvse.exe. Looking in the windows log doesn't give away the reason, just that wmiprvse.exe are restarting the computer. And where the statement reason should give some answers there isn't anything, it's just empty. There was a solution in an other thread regarding restarts on windows 7. I have implemented that fix so that the zesservice restarts the service rather then restart the computer. On one other forum there was one that claimed that a scheduled task, RAC, was the problem. Tried to disable that also, but neither of those solutions has helped. The big problem is that it happens so randomly, booth on computers and in time so there is very difficult to see if the changes has any effect when they are made. Some times it can go a week or more. If I uninstall zenworks the restarts goes away so there has to be something to do with zenworks. We have just bought 100 laptops, Latitude e5520 with windows 7 Enterprise and are going to add about 100 more this or next month. I'm working in a school so this is a huge problem when teachers and students are using them in the classroom. There isn't any warning when the restart appear, the computer just shuts down all open window and you can briefly see the dialog, if something is open that needs to be saved, asking if you want to save it. But there is no time to interact with that dialog because it also shuts down almost direct. So if someone can help me with something you could think of regarding this I be very grateful. I can add that it's not happening on windows xp computers and not on normal workstations. The problem seems to effect only laptops. We only have 3 of the none laptops and they do not suffer from the this problem.