my POA setting have a wrong values, i don't know where to modified.

I want to change "Outbound MF traffic:, 7100" (wrong value) to "Outbound MF traffic:, 7100"(right value)

Note: is my old IP address

anyone know where can i modified?

thanks for reading.

Client/Server Settings:
Client/Server: Enabled
Client/Server over SSL: Disabled
IP Address:
eDirectory Object Name: POA.po1.groupwise.ghpfareast
TCP Port for C/S Connections: 1677 (Default)
Maximum Application Connections: 2048 (Default)
Maximum Physical Connections: 2048 (Default)
Max Thread Usage for Priming and Live Moves: 30%
HTTP: Enabled
HTTP over SSL: Disabled
HTTP Port: 7181
HTTP Refresh rate: 60 secs
Enforce Lockout on Older GroupWise Clients: Disabled

Message Transfer Protocol:
Outbound MF traffic:, 7100
Message Transfer over SSL: Disabled
MTP File Transfer Size Limit: 0 MB (No Limit)