I'm based in the UK.

I've recently purchased a (Vodafone MobileConnect 3G/GPRS datacard).

I want to be able to use the datacard with VPN (client 3.8).
Server, BM 3.7.1, NW 6 SP2

I've got 30 home users who VPN into the office and it works really well.

I've purchased a Vodafone datacard and I get a good connection to the
internet, however, the VPN connects and then disconnects after 30
seconds. This disconnection is usually down to a firewall being enabled
and blocking ports (353, 2010, 500, 4500, Protocol IP 50, 51, 57).

However, there is no firewall enabled on the laptop (I've also used a
laptop that works from home, again with no firewall and it still
disconnects after 30 seconds). During the 30 seconds we are connected we
can browse NetWare, and other servers etc...

This problem happens on both the 3G and GPRS networks.

In the software profile of the datacard we have tried changing the APN
to "MYLAN" as reccomended and it doesn't make a difference.

We've spent a lot of time on this and Vodafone have been just about
helpful but not great (the call keeps "getting escalated" to some new
magical department). I'm sure it's a setting at their end as our VPN is
working fine for all static/home users.

My question is this:

Has anyone else got a Vodafone datacard working with the VPN Client (in
the UK)? If so, any suggestions as to how to resolve this?

Has anyone got another datacard working with the VPN (02, T-Mobile etc).
I'm happy to try another card.

Does anyone have any general suggestions to resolve this?

Any responses greatly appreciated.