Here's my problem :

I have a SYSPREP fully functionnal that install the Novell Client IR9a on a Windows 7 SP1 32Bits and at the end i have a VBS File that download the latest version of Zenworks Agent installer to the local harddrive. After it installs it... Then a strange behavior happen after the required reboot by the installer.

You can't ping any DNS names until until you have rebooted your machine 3 times.

-> You can ping ip addresses but not their names.

I tried to do a flush dns realse or renew and same behavior... can't ping any DNS names.

This problem is not there if i do not install the Adaptive agent and leave the Novell Client Alone...

The Windows 7 was originally a home premium that was upgraded to a oem pro license if that can ring any bell.

Thank you.