This is AFTER: After a structural rebuild, a client reset, a client reinstall, trying a different computer, but for 1 user only, running Windows 7 and groupwise 8.0.1 (hp 1) on Netware 6.5:

This will happen often. At least a couple of times per day. After some random period of normal usage, sending an email results in the following symptoms.

When the email is sent, the status in the lower left of the client will read "sending" until the client is closed. If it is to an internal address on our domain, the mail is sent fine despite the "sending" status. If to an external address, it will show as "pending". If addressed to both, the internal is sent, the external is pending. Pending email does eventually seem to get sent out.

Once this mail is sent:
The client will not automatically refresh new mail. Hitting "refresh" will not refresh new mail. You can open mail already showing in the list.
You CAN choose a different folder then choose "Mailbox," and get the system to pull in new mail. However, if you do this:
Any email that you read in between sending the triggering email and switching out and back to the mailbox shows up as unread again. (count of unread email in the folder list does NOT reflect these as unread email.) Also, the problem of not getting new email has not been fixed. New email does not flow in, and hitting refresh does not change it, but new email is loaded once when going out and back into the mailbox again. "Sending..." never goes away.

The key here for those in the know seems to be that GW Client is unable to tell GW that these pieces of mail have been read, and unable to hear that GW has indeed gotten the sent message, or that there is new mail available.