I'm having a problem with my vpn I hope that someone can shed some light
on. First let me say I had this site to site vpn running fine on BM3.8
sp3 and NW6.5 SP3. I upgraded my NW6.5 to sp4 and border manager would
not start up I called Novell and they had me apply sp4 for BM3.8. The
slave server is a cisco concentrator and the problem I'm have is
traffic that originates from the cisco doesn't get through (printer
traffic) however traffice that originates from the master (BM) works
just fine. below is the error that I see when the slave traffice is
trying to come through. As I said this all worked fine until the
installation of the support pack. I don't have any other problems with
BM except this printer traffic. And help or guesses would be

3-17-2006 10:53:49 am ***Receive Quick Mode message from
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am Start IPSEC SA 72B7B480 - Responder****totSA=1
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am Received (QM) proxy ID -

3-17-2006 10:53:49 am Warn :Proposal mismatch Quick Mode : ESP -
transform mismatch mine : esp des his : esp 3des dst : src : cookies[his :mine]
A0F1812718570354 : 1CAA7D1F730173B6
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am sending notify message type: 14 to
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am ***Send Unacknowledge Informational message to
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am Processed SA-PAYLOAD unsuccessful - No proposal
chosen for quick mode, dst=
3-17-2006 10:53:49 am Failed to create protoSA - No proposal chosen for
quick mode