on a remote site the admin there has the following question:

The FS there is a SLES9.0 machine with SAMBA servicing Windows XP SP2 CAD PCs.

The site has a aDSL internet line, no BM is at that site. This is done currently
by some lowcost NetGear DSL router, not through the Linux box.

All the WS have the BM-VPN Client and the NWClient installed to access local
NW-Fileservices here.

Now the idea of that site's admin is to setup a VPN Connection from that SLES9.0
machine to the BM3.8 VPN Server. Then to mount the required NSS Volumes on that
SLES9.0 machine, then to share them at that remote site through SAMBA, expecting
that by that trick the NWClient and VPN Client could be removed from the
workstations there.

I honestly have no experience with mounting a NWFS Server's NSS volumes on a
Linux box (ncpmount? ...is that still IPX dependant?) nor do I know if a
Linux-2-BM3.8-C2S-VPN is possible (IPsec?).

And finally I have no clue /IF/, in case the first 2 things should work, whether
it would be possible / a good idea to use SAMBA to share these mounted NW-Volumes
with the WinXP Workstations on that remote site. (stability, data integrety,
file locks, ...)

Any comments appreciated,

regards, Rudi.

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