Hi all,
after attaching to a BM38SP4 +IR3 with the VPN-Client 3.8.10 + VPNPATCH i
see following things (i verified it at three different BM-Servers with two
notebooks, over dialup and static IP):

The DNS-Server gets distributed to the VPN-Client, is pingable, does
But if i ping to a name it doesnt resolve it.

After waiting up to 15 Minutes the DNS suddenly works.

I can speed up this process when i do:

net stop dns-client
net start dns-client
after that it works immediately

This happens on two BM-Server with SP4 and IR3 applied. This doesnt happen
on SP4-only-server.
We now try to verify if it is IR3-related

Any ideas to this?


kind regards

Gerd Zobel
The NetWorker GmbH