I am currently envisaging how best to configure the following setup.

Basically we have Netware OES/SP5 on two servers. One in the USA and the
other the UK.

What I want to do is use BorderManager to connect the two via a VPN. I
want it so users on the local server can access the remote one. Probably
for some TCP/IP Server/Client stock control program. And I may get the
link to back the other server up at night time and vice versa when it is

Was reading that Novell does not recommend two Organisations in the same
tree. - this is from a netware 5.1 book admittedly. But I can see that
this might create problems with BorderManagers on either side.

A crude map :-)

Server NW6.5SP5/OES -- BorderManager --- VPN via ADSL (static IPs) ---
BorderManager -- Server (same as first)

Border Manager may be installed on each server from what I am reading.
Also need to check whether it can encapsulate IPX in IP. Mind you I can
just configure another NIC with IP going direct to router. The rest of the
clients can be IPX.

Any advice welcome on doing this sort of setup!.

Best Regards