I've been trying to get OSX Lion to connect to secured iPrint printers that I use at my organziation that are hosted on SLES 10 SP3 OES 2 SP3 server. I can install iPrint, click the printer, get prompted for my login info for the keychain if I haven't previously entered it, and the printer installs.

Now I try to print a test page and I get one of two errors when I try to print depending on my printer.
On my Canon copier I get an "error courred = -9786" message on the screen and a page successfully prints with this message. I am trying to install the URFII driver provided by canon.

When I try to install a HP Laserjet 8100dn I get a "iPrinter encourntered a problem trying to install the printer. The filter(s) specified in the PPD file could not be found/resolved." I am trying to install a hpijs driver that I found through an instructional site at some point from some non-apple or HP site. I think I extracted a UNIX bundle of printer drivers to get it, but don't really remember anymore.

Any ideas as to why I'm having these problems or what the best way is to get the drivers that will work? Thanks!