I am trying to install Netware 6.5 SP8 onto a Dell PowerEdge T310 from a CD created from an .iso file from Novell. It seems to work fine until the install program gets to "Matching drivers to hardware devices..." when it hangs. The only thing to do is a reboot. The server has a X3470 Xeon Processor, 2.93 GHz8M Cache, Turbo, HT, and a PERC H700 RAID with 512 MB Cache. I have gone into the BIOS settings multiple times but to no avail, it always hangs at the driver matching point. I have made a record of what I have changed in the BIOS:

Cores per processor: from ALL to Single
Logical processor: from ENABLED to DISABLED
C States: from ENABLED to DISABLED
Execute Disable: from ENABLED to DISABLED

None of this has helped.

I was getting excited about this tid: 2974107: ACPI PSM module update for NetWare 6.5 SP5 that talks about psm7.exe, but I cannot use it because I don't have a SYS: volume to extract the file into the root thereof. And the TID talks about SP5, so I don't think it applies to my situation.

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.