We have just setup a iprint server on OES2.. Are trying to get a handle on accountabililty of who is printing how much..If I turn on secure printing (which I assume I have to do to force authentication) With the windows clients they work just fine since we are using client32 and it reports to the iprint server who the user is. However with the macintosh computers (OSX) when I go to even install the printer from the servername.mtwp.net/ipp it asks for a username and password and it has our TREE name at the bottom of the dialog box..I have tried all variations I know of username/passwords with and without context and cannot get past this screen. AFP is running on the OES server and I can attach to the server from the macintosh computer.. Not sure what Im missing on the MAC side.. We have a lot of mac computers and would like to get a handle on who is the big print volume users..
Not sure if this matters or not, but this OES iPrint server does not have a replica on it.

If someone can point me in the direction I should be looking it would be apprecited