Just though I'd pick this up again...

Now updated to 10.3.4 and yes the icon stil sporadically disappears, and yes mostly seen just after imaging is done and most probably during the initial inventory scan.

I have a hunch that when ZAC at the backend for some reason is busier than normal the "detached" zennotofyicon process times out, and either pops up with the "zenservice appears not to be running" or just "hangs" in mid air.

The popular workaround to kill the icon process and start it again reestablishes communication and all is well BUT....

Why in the world does it not re-connect ? and Why in the world does it loose connection in the first place ?

I'd like to see some developeres look at the timout's defined and re-connect ability.

Anyone report icon issues on ZCM 11 ? that would be nice to hear..