I am running SLES10sp3_64 with OES2sp3_64 and need to migrate the user data
to a new server running the same OS. I have also updated the SLES & OES to
the maintenance pack of November 2011.

The miggui authenticates and I can select the folders for migration. Below
is an extract of the log file error:

FATAL -FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Fatal: Cannot migrate source path
/media/nss/DATA/Users/JohnG/: nbackup: Failed to open dataset
/media/nss/DATA/Users/JohnG/ for backup

WARN - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Warning: Going to next data set

ERROR - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Error: nbackup: (libtsafs.so 6.50.0 291) An
invalid path was used.

FATAL - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Fatal: nbackup command failed to complete


ERROR - FILESYSTEM:migfiles command failed!