We are having trouble with our imaging server it appears. WHen we try to take or restore an image we get the "Unable to connect to Preboot Server. The Product license might have expired" error. If we try booting to PXE with an imaging job assigned the NIC didn't pickup a PXE server.

Here is our current setup.
Our Zone is a single primary server and the one satellite server with the imaging role assigned to it. Both servers are Windows 2003 R2. Our database is running on a Microsoft SQL 2005 server. We have a single subnet that our workstations use, Cisco backbone equipment.

The servers are named very simple, Zen and ZenImage. Both of the servers are running agent version The Zen server is running ZCM, ZAM, and ZPM The ZenImage server is not showing any info on the server hierarchy for ZCM, ZAM, or ZPM.

The ZenImage server was working up until sometime in early December. About December 4th the certificate for our Zen server expired and we had that fiasco to deal with (I hate when I inherit a server that I had no part of setting up or configuring, and no notes).

We had not done any imaging since before the certificate expired, so I assumed it was a part of that which was casuing the error. As such I removed the satellite server via the ZCC as detailed in the ZCM Admin reference. Once the role was removed I de-registered the server from the Zone, cleared the local cache (zac cc), then re-registered it to the zone. Once registered I made it a satellite server with only the imaging role, as it had been. I left the default 80/443 ports, enabled PXE services., content replication set to No Schedule.

Now when I PXE boot the device can see the PXE server, but it fails to do any assigned imaging jobs, just exits out of PXE. If I boot to the CD and let it go automatic I get the same "Unable to connect to Preboot Server. The Product license might have expired" error. If I boot to the CD and go manual I get the same error.

I rebooted the ZenImage server before I made any changes. I rebooted following the removal of the role. I rebooted after re-registering it. I rebooted after adding the role.