Hello *
We use the FTP-Service within the TotalCommander-Program (TC from
www.ghisler.com) to access a NetWare-NSS-Volume.

Some filenames contains periods and space characters also
(e.g. "1.2 Chapter x.pdf".)

After a couple of weeks (~80 days) the displayed file-name changes: This
happens within the TC-FTP-access only. All other access-methods (MS-FTP;
Novell-NetStorage; NCP - Windows-Explorer) are showing the name correctly.

access over NCP, MS-FTP, NetStorage | access over FTP within TC
displayed filename |(after ~80 days) displayed filename
"2.1 Chapter ONE.pdf" |"Chapter ONE.pdf"

This happens from every PC at the same time, so there have to be some
changement on the NetWare-Server.
Volume compression is disabled (nssmu.nlm)

We have to copy or open and save the file again to get rid of this for
the next ~80 days ...

Any idea?