We ve the following problem.

When we remove a Third-party VPN Slave (linksys router), a other Slave VPN
abends with VPNINF_thread.

After the restart of the VPN slave there is still some connection info in
the callmgr of the abended server. How do i clean up the still existing
info of the thirdparty vpn? Is there a patch available for this problem?

A other VPN slave has some third-party information in the Remote Manager >
VPN monitor > activity. It shows the link twice for the thirdparty VPNS
Slave with 2 red crosses by IPX and IP. Is there a way to clean up such
info, or does it take some mins/hours to sync??

The VPN is running fine for the 3 slaves except that abend.

All servers are BM 3.8 + SP3 (3 slaves and one master)
Latest TCPIP modules, except the Master VPN.
2x VPN slaves with Netware 6.5 servers (1 with the remote manager problem)
1x VPN slave with Netware 6 + SP5 (abended with VPNINF_THREAD)
Master VPN with Netware 6 + SP5