An issue that appears to be common among Build 730:

After re-initializing a user, no new content will arrive on the device.

Troubleshooting attempted:

Delete device(s)
Delete account on device(s)
Remove user(s) from connectors
Delete user(s) from db
Re-add user(s) to connectors
Re-add account on device(s)
Sync - current content will show up, then no new content
Factory reset on device, go through all prior steps - issue persists.
Add account to new device never used - same issue
Issue follows USER, not device specific (Android, iPad/iPhone, etc)

Any suggestions on how to revert back to build 579? Am I going to have to wipe clean and start over? (currently affecting 2 out of 30 users.... but we have many users requesting email access on their devices, and we have to put that on hold, as well as holding off on maintenance for existing users)