I have 4 Netware 6.5, SP8 servers that were configured similarly - each one has 2 NIC's, 1 with an address on 192.168.100.x subnet and the other with an address on 192.168.200.x subnet - I had workstations on both subnets and they were able to talk to each other... what I've done now is to remove the 200.x NIC's and now I use VLAN's and IP routing to get the job done - my servers are on a VLAN using the 100.x subnet and my workstations are on another VLAN using the 200.x subnet - the workstations can ping and most of them can connect...

One of my Netware servers was doing DHCP for both subnets - I've disabled that and am now using a Win2K8 server for DHCP - it gives out IP addresses based on the VLAN the machine requesting them is on

My problem is the some of my workstations cannot login, they cannot find the tree. These machines are getting IP addresses just fine, just like they are supposed to - but I cannot do anything to make them see the tree -

Is there an IP setting I'm missing - is there something I should check on the servers after removing the second IP address from each server?