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Thread: Printer status: Not Available on XP machines, Iprint OES2

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    Printer status: Not Available on XP machines, Iprint OES2

    Hello to all! This is my first post on this forum.

    I have problem with printing on XP workstations. Randomly every few hours different user complains that they lost their printing jobs and iprint notification shows that printing job is failed. When this happens status of every ipp printer in Printers and Faxes folder is Not Available. Every other network service in this moment is working (browsing internet, mail, NSS file service on same OES2 server).
    Resolution for this problem is to perform network repair (right click on network tray icon) on XP machine and few seconds after process finished all ipp printers are available again (Status: Ready) and everything is ok for some random time.

    We have:
    OES2 SP3 server installed virtually on ESXi 5.0 with this packages:
    novell-iprint-client : 6.3.20111110.0.9
    novell-iprint-server: 6.3.20110909.0.7
    novell-iprint-migration: 6.3.20110909.0.7
    novell-iprint-iprntman: 6.3.20110909.0.7

    On XP workstations (all SP3) are installed all latest updates and Novell Iprint client is 5.74.

    We perform migration this Christmas holidays from old netware where we have mixed NDPS and IPP printing, and there we didn't have this kind of problem. Users didn't complain. But we build new print service from zero so it cannot be problems related to failed migration steps.

    We have Bind DNS and every printer, Print manager and driver store are configured by names not IP.

    Win 7 users still didn't complain about this problem.
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