Hi everybody,

following scenario exist:

We have 6 public IP-Address. The router is connected to the public NIC (IP
62.x.x.82)from our Bordermanager3.6 and the privat NIC has the IP (
We have another Network ( IP 192.168.100.x ) which is connected to the first
( 192.168.0.x) via router. Workstations in both Networks go through our
Bordermanager to surf in the Internet. Next we have a Mailserver in the
first Net ( 192.168.0.x ) who goes via filters directly to our external
Mailprovider. At least we are now using VPN to have access from external
Notebooks to our inside Network. The problem is, that we only can ping
Stations in the Net ( 192.168.0.x ). We are not able to ping Stations in
192.168.100.x !

I read a workaround to activat NAT on the private NIC from Bordermanager. I
do this and now it worked fine.

BUT in this situation our Mailserver could only receive Mail not sending
Mail to our Provider. What have I done wrong. Help please.