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Thread: Error during connect to Groupwise and get userinformations

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    Error during connect to Groupwise and get userinformations

    During I connect to Groupwise I get an error.

    Imports GroupwareTypeLibrary
    Public GWApp As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application2
    Sub GWConnect()
    GWApp = New GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application2
    GWApp.Login() -> in this line the error occours
    GWRootAccount = GWApp.RootAccount
    End Sub.

    errormessage: "Einzelschritt: Nichtbenutzercode "System.RuntimeType.ForwardCallToInvokeMember" wird übersprungen."

    In VB.Net I get not all parameter that I should get.

    In VB6 I get the number of all Messages and all Messages under GWApp.GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account2.RootAccount.Ma ilbox.Messages.Item1,...,n.

    In VB.NET I get only the Number of all Messages and the Messages are missing.

    OS: Win 7 64 Bit
    Project platform: x86
    Visual Studio 2010

    Is there anybody who can help me, that I get my emails?
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