Not sure where to ask this question so apologies in advance...

We have a satellite office connected via T1 to ours over a S2S VPN on
BM3.8. (This is a legacy VPN and has worked just fine for years.)

The site accesses several of our servers for file services as well as
Groupwise mail with no speed issues.

We have one Windows server that houses a MS SQL database that our
in-house staff accesses with no problems or speed issues by way of a
propietary application that uses runtime SQL server.

The problem we are having is that the users in the remote office are
having horrendous speeed issue to the point where the application
either takes 5 minutes to connect, never connects, or drops conections
after a few minutes.

I've played with MTU on the remote client with no change.

Any ideas where to look for help? Thanks!