GW 8.0.2 HP2 on Windows 2008

I noticed mention of a GWIA setting called /imapreadlimit over in the forum. I did a search of the GW 8 documentation and there is a similar setting for the POA. I notice that it's commented out in gwia.cfg but doesn't exist at all in the default xxx.poa config file.

We've had some trouble over the last several weeks where one or more post offices will jam up and stop responding to IMAP requests. The IMAP threads are maxed and the POA basically grinds to a halt. I'm wondering if it might not be the heavy users who are syncing their phones through NotifyLink which uses IMAP to talk to these post offices. They all, of course, want everything in their mailbox on their phone, and cake with pretty frosting to go with it. I can't pin down exactly that IMAP is the issue, but that setting offered a troubleshooting step.

Can anyone offer experience with adding the /imapreadlimit to their POA config? Being that it's not in the default file makes me want to ask first before I go adding it. I see no corresponding setting in Console One.