Reading the forums seems to indicate that it is possible to access a
Netware file server through VPN without using the Netware Client. But, I'm
having trouble trying to get it to work.

Our file server is running NW6.5, SP5. On a seperate box we have BM 3.8,
SP4. From within the firewall we can authenticate to the file server with
CIFS (Native File Access). VPN seems to be configured properly. A laptop
on the outside (XP home) with the latest VPN client can connect and
establish a tunnel. Windows, however, does not show the file server or the
BorderManager box in Network Neighborhood. Some threads in the forum
suggest that we might need to static NAT the internal (private) IP address
to itself. Doing this, however, breaks other stuff. (Our internal mail
server can't connect to the Internet.)

Anybody got some wisdom to share?