Netware 6.5SP5, BM3.8SP4ir3

This is a new install of the VPN. I worked through the manual and
through the debug checklist on one of the TIDs. All seems fine except
when trying to connect from XPSP2 (with all current security patches)
using 4.91 client and vpn client 3.8.9 I get the "failed receiving DH
public value" message.

When I execute _vpn on the console and look at the C2S config, I get:

========C2S Authentication Rule 1
ruleEnabled = 1
ruleType = 1
rulePriority = 0
pObjectDN = NMAS.Authentication Rules.Default_C2S_Service.Delph
condObjectDNArray[0] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[1] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[2] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[3] is NULL
anyUser = 0
pUser is NULL
Authentication Condition
Trusted Root is NULL
AllowNMAS = 0
AllowCert = 0
Action Condition:
Allow Authentication = 1
========End of C2S Authentication Rules==========

What I notice here is that although I have an NMAS rule allowing access
(it is the only rule besides the default rule) where both NMAS and
Certificate authentication are checked, it seems that both are appearing
false (unchecked) in the above config. It looks like the VPN server is
not finding the correct rule?

And yes, the NMAS login Auth grade is set to "Logged" ...

I am pretty sure I've done this by the book, so, any suggestions?


Ken McLeod
The Delphian School