We have a large number of OES2sp2a Linux boxes and a few OES2 NWsp8 print servers. And we are being forced to move forward with a WIndows 7 64-bit rollout,

So I was either going to have to patch the **** out of the few Netware servers or migrate them to Linux. 3 out of four servers worked perfectly, but the fourth sucked! But after trying every TID , just deleting the following directories:
  • /var/opt/novell/iprint
  • /srv/www
  • /etc/apache
  • /etc/opt/novell/iprint

copied the files from a "good" server and reinstalled iPrint and Apache, I got everything working. Or so I thought!

The servers are working flawlessly and print once a printer is installed. But what I found is that the iPrint client has been upgraded from version 5.30 to 5.74 and since I have seen some weird problems.

Before, when I installed a printer, a dialog box would appear showing the progress of the install with check makes showing what step it was at. but now this window does not appear.
And when installing a printer from Internet Explorer, I do get a dialog box at the end telling me that the printer did install successfully and I am returned to the iprint default webpage.
But in Firefox, I see the notice "Installing ipp://yadda.yadda./ipp/yadda..." on the webpage but nothing else! I can see the printer is installed by monitoring the Printers and Faxes MSC but that is it! Okay for me but not for the enduser.

This happens regardless of using Windows XP or Windows 7

I should also note that I did play with the InformUserofUpdates option in the iprint.ini before returning it to the default value of 1 to rule out this problem. But I have restarted Apache multiple times and even rebooted the server a couple times. From what I have read this setting is only set in the iprint.ini on the server and no where on the client.

I also saw a TID that did relate to Windows 7, Firefox and the HP Universal Print Driver. But that only applies to Windows 7 and I did apply the fix.

My questions are:
Did Novell do away with the Printer Install Dialog box (Sorry I don't know the official name)? If so fine, I can live without it but I would rather not.
How to I get/re-enable some sort of notification with Firefox?