GroupWise 7. Moving documents to new library. Users clicking outdate document reference get prompted to create a new document reference as expected. However, no new document reference is created as used to happen back a few years ago when we moved documents. There is a new reference automatically in the Documents > Authored folder that can be dragged into existing folders, but this is cumbersome as you can only view one folder at a time. We now have many angry users. GroupWise document management is widely used by the 1,000 staff members in this school district. I have scoured Novell's sites and Googled myself silly and can't find anything about this particular issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for us? I just want them to be able to create a new document reference in response to the prompt: "Open Document (E811). Unable to read document record. [date/time]: Document moved by [IT person - me]. The document's new library and document number is [library:doc#]. Would you like to create a reference to the new document?" Clicking Yes results in nothing more than closing the dialog.