Has anyone used Repackager to turn the Office 2010 install into an MSI? I am trying to make an msi file for the Office 2010 install. I run repackager and choose the Installation Monitoring option. I then run the Office 2010 install and after it installs I then open up the Excel, PPT, and Word apps to make sure they open fine. I also activate the product at this time by opening one of the apps and going to help and changing the product key and activating it. I then go back to make sure all the apps open fine and are activated, which they are. I then click on Process to have the repackager process my changes. It does so and then pops up the repackager project and I then proceed to the Build page. I tell it to create one single compressed msi and click on build and it builds my project and MSI file.

I then use that MSI file to install Office 2010 on a machine and it installs fine. The issue is when I open the apps after. If I open the apps it configures some stuff and then says that "Excel failed to open correctly the last time, do you want to open in safe mode to fix......." and I choose yes to do so. It then pops up a message saying "Microsoft Office cannot verify the license for this application, a repair attempt failed or was cancelled by the user, the application will now shut down". I click OK and the app closes.

I just wanted to post this and see if anyone had any success with repackaging Office 2010 or not.

Thanks for any information