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Thread: Problem with Zen application upgrade in ZDM7

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    Problem with Zen application upgrade in ZDM7

    OK, so here's the situation. We need to upgrade our antivirus application to a completely new version BUT after the old version is uninstalled the pc will need a reboot.

    The problem I'm having is getting the zen app to continue the installation of the new version after the reboot.

    I've chained the apps so that the installation zen app is dependant on the uninstall zen app to run first.

    What actually occurs is the old version will uninstall without issue, the pc then is forced to reboot and after the pc is again logged on the upgrade doesn't continue so the new version isn't installed.

    So... how should I configure this upgrade and/or why doesn't the application installer launch after the system reboots?

    Any help with this would be very much appreciated.
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