Using the VCSClient Code, I have been able to successfully login to my Groupwise account, retrieve folders / folder names, and even determine that I have 282 appointment items using "getItemsResponse". What I would like to do is "loop" through these "getItemsResponse" list of items and retrieve things like start date, subject, end date, location, etc for each item using C#.

I cannot seem to get this to work. I do see a "calendar.item", but am not sure how to use it in conjunction with "getItemsResponse", or even with the cursor example. Or, if this is even the way to go.

I am using MS Studio 2010 C#. I was able to do something like this with the GroupWise Object API without much trouble. But since this is a new process, I thought it would be prudent to use the newer SOAP interface. My goal is to extract unread mail count, appointment and task details for users for display on a web page. Any and all help would be appreciated getting to the details mentioned above.

Thank you, Jack