We are going to be moving our primary servers from 10.3.1 to 11.1a in the next month. The primaries were originally installed with 10.2 and upgraded over time to the current version. Most of our desktops are running agent version 10.2.2 and will be for a while yet. We have in-house apps which reply on variables and search drives set through a login script which only seem to work correctly with the 10.2.2 agent. Once this application problem has been completely addressed the agents will be upgraded to 11.1a.

The big question is will the older agents work fine with zcm 11 servers? I'm aware of one patch which may have to be deployed to fix install actions with certain bundles. There is also a note in the 11.1 upgrade document to ensure the agent msi's in /opt/novell/zenworks/install/downloads/msi exist for superceded versions. Other then these 2 details I have not seen anything which may cause serious damage.

I've done testing in our lab and have not seen anything strange occur but sometimes test and production do not behave the same.