A few months ago my company migrated from Netware to SLES 10 for our GroupWise related systems which included Messenger. Since then I've seen a couple of behaviors that didn't act the same ways when it was hosted on NetWare systems.

The first is when I add or remove a user to my managed policy list. In NetWare the update would take immediately and the person would appear on the managed contact list on the next login. On Linux, I've found that I need to restart the messaging agent before new users appear in my manged contact lists.

The next thing that I've noticed is policy management. I've recently been asked to create a new policy for my management team so that they saw a "managers" contact group in addition to just the departmental groups that general staff has created. When I deployed messenger on Linux I only had my Default policy that I was using. So I created 2 new policies, Manager and Staff in addition to the default policy. I've migrated my users from the default policy to staff and managers, completely moving them from default, but after the users log in after the move the contact lists aren't necessarily updating. Some are and some aren't. Those that aren't go back to a personal customized list, where others show the list that I am managing. I've unlocked the contact list on my default policy and locked them on the manager and staff policies, and the users appear to go into unlocked contact list settings, but if I lock the default policy list everyone's contact list populates based on the default policy. I've tried restating services after making changes as well and I'm just not getting the two lists to operate independently and correctly. In NetWare again, I could just make the list, add the user, restart the user's client and things ran correctly. Why doesn't this work with Linux hosting, or is there something wrong with my system? Thanks!