We are trying to run a Messaging Architects Migration Wizard Groupwise to Exchange and we are seeing the following 2 errors.

failed to authenticate to primary domain database. check your edirectory login.

In the log file for the application we are seeing the following...

8:33:1:461 ERROR Error occurred opening the database. Check the path. Check eDir login and Trusted App key

Our M+ Archive for Groupwise application already has a trusted app.
I am logging into our eDirectory tree with admin account
We are running GroupWise on SUSE 10 spk3 with samba mappings that have local account with full rights.

The most important data is that this application will work on 1 workstation and not on any servers or other work stations when using the same login credentials. Has anyone seen this issue or heard from anyone with this issue. Any ideas on how to approach this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Direct email can be sent to hfzahn@waketech.edu