Hi, RSYNC backup has been running well on this OES2 server to backup NBO remote sites. It has been running well and you get some odd failures from time to time but this time 98% failed and 2% completed the backup. The server is running well except for the messages on the logger screen which I am not sure what it is. The screen is scrolling fast and you can see messages such as "log_open reentered 1" and the next line show "current date and time and next to it is sync error: error in rsync protocol data stream." You also get "wrote 310 bytes read xxxxxx bytes total size xxxxxx" Is this normal messages you would expect when the rsync job is running? If not then what will be the fix for it. So far we have 4 failures and it is important to have now a successful backup. Server was rebooted several times and I run an rsync job to test on 2 NBO sites and they were successful. Any idea would be appreciated.

Thank you