Hello Shoun,

I have an open SR and was advised to use this fix: Novell Login

I tried to use Method 1.

Because i had both Update for ZENworks (11.1a)" or "Update for ZENworks (11.1)" i deleted both old System updates. So at the moment i have only as "available system updates "Jan 2012 PRU" left.

I did all steps and at the end i use the Linux (we use SLES 11.1) "zman sui /opt/novell/zenworks/TID7009330/Common".

So far so good. ZCM 11 server showed me:

SV155-FW-ZCM1:/opt/novell/zenworks # zman sui /opt/novell/zenworks/TID7009330/Common


The update(s) contained in /opt/novell/zenworks/TID7009330/Common will begin importing shortly. You may use ZCC to track the status of your import

But after some hours i can still not see any new patch in System updates.

As i could understand, Update for Zenworks 11.1a or so should come back with the exchanged MSI package.

What did i wrong?

Thank you for helping...