I wonder if anyone could shed some light on what may be happening here?

I have a user who just cannot get the vpn client to disconnect properly. If
you disconnect either by right clicking the icon and selecting disconnect,
or doing it from the VPN stats window it will start to disconnect (the
little red cross appears) but then gets no further. it just sits there
saying disconnecting. if you look at the running processes VPNStats.exe is
still running but cannot be stopped.

I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling both the vpn and novell clients and
this has made no difference, I have even upgraded to the latest beta 3.8.11
but that just does the same. The Remote Manager shows the client as
disconnected from the BM server end. The only way to get round this is by

Windows XPsp2
VPN Client 3.8.9 + 3.8.11
BM 3.8
NMAS Mode being used.

Many thanks advance,