I have 11 iPad clients and a few other devices (iPod Touch, Andriod) that are set up with the DataSync 1.2 B:183. All but one of the devices sync the items correctly. I have only one client that can not get her Calendar to sync after the initial sync. I have reset the iPad so to defaults deleted the account through Datasync rebooted the server and then reset the account. The first sync starts out ok but fails to sync the complete calendar. She can get her e-mail and her contacts with no problem. She can create a event on the iPad calendar and it does sync over to the client but you can not change anything with the client and have it synced over successfully. She did have about 6 Calendars that she was using. I asked her to bring them down to 3 or 4 hoping that it would help. It hasn't.

iPad 2 -iOS 5.0.1
Datasync 1.2 B: 183
GroupWise 8.0.2HP2 on SLES10SP3 (OES 2 SP3)

Any ideas on what I am missing? I also ran gwcheck maintenance against the account to see if this helped.