we have a 2 node sles10.3+oes2sp3 cluster.
both are iscsi-initiators against one target.

To be a little more specific:

We have a target1 (size 1TB) and have to migrate all our files to target2 (size 2TB). We know that we could create a new pool + volume on the new target and migrate files with miggui. Then we would have to change login scripts and other places where the target1 names is referenced.

But isn't the whole point of a volume manager that you can abstract away low-level stuff and keep things on the app-level, namely the Volume.

Now my thought was to

1. add target2 to the existing pool
2. migrate the data with some "low-level" mechanism from target1 to target2 and
3. take out target1.

First, is there such a low-level mechanism? Second, if not, how can we move files without chaning volume-names?