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Thread: DLU Forcing Relogin Over and Over

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    DLU Forcing Relogin Over and Over

    On a recent fresh install of ZCM 11.1A we seem to have an issue of the DLU constantly forcing workstations to re-login. Issue being is that the policy was applied (workstation associated) to the device and was successful, however seems at random the workstation will want to enforce its policy and reboot the device. I know I could turn off the "After enforcement, force a re-login...", but if it was successful I don't understand while it would need to. ZCM Agents on the Win7SP1 devices are a mix of and Needless to say random forced re-logins are getting on our staff's nerves. Has anyone seen this before and could maybe offer some testing or troubleshooting? We didn't have this issue on a former ZCM 10.3 install.
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